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The use of drones for photogrammetry, orthophotography and topography is becoming more democratic and offers innovative possibilities of use.

The contribution of a drone is a real advantage for a surveyor or a topographer. Ease of use, automation and easy connection with data processing software (Pix4D for example) allow photogrammetry drones  to offer quite incredible performance.

Dr Stone offers a wide range of drones with high definition sensors particularly dedicated to photogrammetry and orthophotography. The drones we offer have centimeter precision thanks to multiple electronic sensors: altimeters, barometric sensors, GPS, GPS RTK or even a Lidar. This precision makes it possible to geotagger your aerial shots with a very high precision (of the order of a centimeter).

Dr Stone is a distributor in Africa of GEODETICS and GVL for LIDAR systems embedded in a drone.   We are also a reseller of Pix4D and Metashape solutions, post-processing software, especially dedicated to photogrammetry drones. They will allow you to perform 3D modeling,  of cartography or data exploitation. 

Application Areas 

The use of drones allows precise and rapid measurements to be taken without compromising the safety of the operator. This data capture facilitates the management of your projects. Guaranteed time saving for quality services.​

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Mines and quarries

  • Calculation of stock and cubatures

  • Wall inspections 

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Digital surface model


  • High resolution orthophotos

  • Distance measurements 

  • 3D reconstruction

  • Return plan

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Inspection and monitoring

  • Thermal inspection

  • Monitoring of works 

  • Valuation of damage

  • Control of risk areas

Mapping by DroneDrone: Dji Phantom 4 RTK

Software: Pix4D

Partner: Saharatopo

Location: Laayoune

Lidar Technology & Drone LidarVelodyne VLP 16
Software: GeoMMS
Partner: AXIGEO
Location: Marrakesh

Mines and Quarries by Drone 
Photogrammetry and volume calculation
Drone: Dji Phantom 4 RTK
Partner: MENARA
Location: Temara

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