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Software under Development - 2021

Drone Saver

App - Highlights: 

  • Weather Forecast

  • AR Sun Movement Follow-up

  • No Fly zones and Air Traffic

  • Record Flights logs

  • Test your Magnetic Interference

  • Update Local Regulation 

Custom Made for Morocco: 

  • Pre-flight checks

  • Fly Safe and Legal

  • Sunset & Sunrise shots map

  • Master your flight conditions

delivery-drone-concept (1).jpg

Delivery App

A drone can be programmed to deliver anything. Big or small.  Light or heavy. The challenge is in the code.


Use Cases:

  • Delivery Service | Smart Drone 

  • Up to 2Kg | 10 Km Radius 

  • Multi Map Plan

  • Advanced “sense and avoid” Technology

  • Multiple board redundancies

  • Medical Delivery: Blood, Defibrillators

  • Emergency situations: Sea & Mountains

  • Postal Delivery

  • Food Delivery 

  • Gifts Delivery 

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