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The Drone Expert 

Drone solutions for audiovisual, topography, inspection and surveillance.

Drone Stone accompagne les entreprises dont l'activité nécessite un drone pour leurs opérations de prises de vue et relevés aériens by drone. 

Our team is  able to train you, answer regulatory and technical questions, provide after-sales service and support you in the processing and use of your aerial data._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

Discover our solutions and support for obtaining a drone license in Morocco.


Our Industries:

Wide choice of  cameras and stabilizers to  develop your media productions.

Drones and Lidar for photogrammetry, orthophotography and topography.

Flying Wing with Multispectral Camera at the service of precision agriculture to analyze and optimize your harvests.

Inspecting different buildings and structures  allows in a few moments to be operational and efficient.

Ensure protection and safety while offering speed of implementation and maneuverability.

Our Professional Solutions


Drone regulations in Morocco

Importing drones into Morocco requires the prior obtaining of an import license, in accordance with Order No. 386-15 of February 6, 2015. The operation is now supervised by the competent authorities to deal with security risks. and invasion of property and privacy.


DR STONE accompanies you to obtain your drone import license and be able to fly in compliance with the regulations in force. In addition, we actively participate in developing the civil drone sector in Morocco, by sharing our experience as a professional drone operator  with the authorities concerned and professionals in the sector.

Discover our interactive map with the loi de drone de each country_cc781905-945bb18 le-bad-35cde-35badnext link.


We remain at your disposal for all your requests for information / quotation. Contact us! We have a solution to meet your needs. 


7 rue Oran-Gauthier

20000 Casablanca, Morocco


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